An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving The San Francisco Bay Area
An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving The San Francisco Bay Area


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Clean Up Your Criminal Record

A criminal conviction can affect your life for years, even after you’ve served your sentence. The details of your criminal record can make it difficult to find a job, apply for a loan, buy or rent a home, and engage in other routine aspects of your daily life.Fortunately, it’s possible to clean up your criminal record using a process called expungement. Your record is never truly erased — law enforcement agencies will still have access to these records — but expungement can help limit the information that is visible to prospective employers, loan officers, landlords and other private citizens.

In California, a “post-conviction record clearance” serves as an expungement. In misdemeanor cases, for instance, a case can be retroactively dismissed after the offender has successfully completed a jail or probation sentence. This dismissal will replace a guilty plea in your record.

Similarly, it is possible for felony convictions to be reduced to misdemeanors after the fact. A “certificate of rehabilitation” is the first step toward earning a full pardon for a felony conviction.

Don’t Let A Conviction Haunt Your Work Or Your Life

The housing and job markets in the San Francisco Bay Area are competitive enough without the additional challenge of having to explain old criminal charges to employers and landlords.

Thomas Deremigio Attorney at Law can help you get back to the regular rhythms of your life quickly and efficiently by getting certain eligible offenses expunged from your record.

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