An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving The San Francisco Bay Area
An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving The San Francisco Bay Area


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Tell Your Side Of The Story After Domestic Violence Charges

Any use of force between a wide range of family members or romantic partners can lead to domestic violence charges. Between any two people who are dating, live together, are married or have a child together — or formerly had any of these relationships — even a push, a scratch or throwing an object and missing are considered forms of domestic violence under the law.A felony can be charged if one causes a “traumatic condition” — that is, a physical mark is left such as a scratch, bruise, cut or something more serious.

911 Calls Can Lead To Unnecessary Arrests

Police departments have specific rules on how to handle these investigations. Often, officers will arrest the alleged perpetrator even if the person who called just wanted to “cool things down.” Within minutes or hours, the arrestee will often be given an emergency protective order forbidding contact with the complaining party. To break that order is a separate crime. The arrestee should not call the complaining party when given phone access at the jail. The complaining party has no control over the case and cannot take back the complaint.

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