An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving The San Francisco Bay Area
An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving The San Francisco Bay Area


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About Attorney Thomas Deremigio

Criminal defense attorney Thomas Deremigio fights for those accused of crimes in Silicon Valley, the Peninsula and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, with proven results over 30 years. After graduating from Stanford University and Santa Clara University School of Law, he has continually practiced criminal law.

Mr. Deremigio limits his practice to the defense of those facing criminal charges or being investigated by law enforcement. He understands the stress and strain upon people and their loved ones when facing criminal accusations. He will deal with you as a person who needs the support and protection of a skilled, hard-fighting criminal defense attorney.

Thomas Deremigio has an extensive background in chemistry, biology and DNA. This makes him highly effective in attacking so-called scientific evidence offered against his clients. His psychology background has proven invaluable in winning insanity verdicts and in mitigating the actions of his clients.

With this background, Mr. Deremigio represents juveniles and adults charged with a wide variety of crimes, including domestic violence; white collar and economic crimes; drunk driving (DUI); drug possession, sales and manufacturing; theft; assault; homicide; sexual crimes; child pornography; domestic violence; three-strikes cases; and gang-affiliated crimes.

Thomas Deremigio also counsels noncitizens accused of crimes on the special issues that affect their immigration status and their ability to qualify for the DREAM Act.

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Attorney Thomas Deremigio has been successfully representing criminal defendants in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 30 years. Defending both adults and juveniles, Mr. Deremigio has the experience and knowledge to help you make informed decisions and to form a legal strategy tailored to your needs.

To see how Thomas Deremigio Attorney at Law can help in your case, contact him online or call 650-399-0795 and schedule a free initial consultation in his Redwood City, California, office.


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